In an effort to indulge our desire for total creative freedom we decided to re-hab manufactured homes using primarily re-purposed and re-cycled materials and merchandise, and offer them at normal market price to those who are in need of affordable housing. 

Designer Re-Hab

Sustainable Affordable Housing 

Want to get involved?

DONATE items you don't need.  We are accepting all kinds of home improvement & furnishing items including Appliances, Cabinetry, Countertops, Sinks & Faucets, ADA Toilets, Wood Planks & Panels, Lumber, Siding, Veneers, Solar Panel Systems, Metal Sheets & Framing, Wall Board, Insulation, Mouldings, Flooring, Tile, Light Fixtures, Outlets, Switches, Mirrors, Windows, Doors, Door & Cabinet Hardware, Shelving, Organizers, Window Coverings, Furniture & Décor.

VOLUNTEER your time and knowledge.  Skilled electrical, plumbing, and carpentry trade professionals or retired professionals can make a valuable contribution with their expertise and abilities.  Anyone can volunteer by participating in donation pick-up & storage, demolition, clean up, construction, carpentry, painting, sewing, upholstery, and installation of anything from cabinetry to flooring and tile.

We are excited to start posting progress pictures and videos of the first of many re-hab projects that we hope will provide a beautiful joyful home for someone who could otherwise never afford it.